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How the world sees America.

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Thierry Mugler Haute Couture Fall/Winter 1997-98 [video]

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Japanese punks Kentaro & Asuka with mohawk & crosshawk hairstyles, studded leather & lace up boots. Kentaro is a longtime member of the Japanese pogo punk band The Erections. Full Looks

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From the author, Daniel Davis:

"One of my earliest Space Colony paintings was based on the giant ‘Model 3’ cylindrical habitats envisioned by Gerard O’Neill. I imagined the clouds forming at an ‘altitude’ around the rotation axis.

At this time the scene is bathed in the ruddy light of all the sunrises and sunsets on Earth at that moment as the colony briefly enters the Earths shadow, out at the L5 Lagrangian point where stable locations are easily maintained. Oil on canvas panel disposition unknown.”


dude must be really late for school

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From an entertaining interview of Ian Miller over at Sci-Fi-O-Rama. Check it out for Miller’s thoughts on his upcoming art collection The Art of Ian Miller and on the various series he’s illustrated — out of Tolkien, Bradbury, and Lovecraft, Miller enjoys Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy the most. I have to admit, it does fit his sense of style.

Check out the interview, and then buy the book.

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 I’ve  never seen these all together, so I thought I’d put them in a photoset. Made by the fantastic Kendra Wells on the Toast.

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